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US Election

During his eight years at the White House, President Bush remained Democrats’ favorite punching bag. Blamed him for Iraq war, unemployment, and economic ruin. The Obama years ensured the rise of China, terror, and financial mismanagement. But the Liberal hatred for Trump knows no bounds. They wanted to throw him out of the office and will leave no stone unturned to ensure he does not win the elections in 2020.

For the Americans, the signs are clear, the COVID blame game, the Black Lives Matter protests are just the face of things the case behind is to dissuade the voters. The choice is yours folk your want to ensure the greatness of America continues, or you want Biden. This article aims to highlight the laurels of President Trump in the near past and the present.

Starting with the facts, Trump is a President, a statesman, and not a politician. He was never one because he never attempted to campaign to become a candidate for Congress. Donald Trump was, he is, and he will always going to be an American first period. Trump remains the only man who knew what was wrong and what was necessary to put the house right.  He is heard to clear the swap, and God knows it the people know it. He has been doing what he promised.

He is not the Capital Hill material. As mentioned above, Trump is not a politician, so he is not part of the Capital Hill culture. This has two severe implications.  Since Trump is not part of the Capital hill breed; thus, the anger and animosity against him are natural, especially among the Democrats, as they represent the sickest and diverging political narrative possible.  Secondly, he is not going to be influenced by the usual weaknesses of a President that has risen from that Capital Hill class. He has no favors to return no buddies to adjust in the Cabinet or in the White House.

                He is not here to just keep the seat warm for eight years, and he meant business from day one in the office. The four years of Trump are a witness and testimony of his exceptional leadership and statecraft. While the naysayers are hoping to disengage the patriots from voting for Trump, here is a quick recap of how America is great under Trump. From addressing Obama’s concern to build a wall to protect American lives, President Trump has one look at domestic affairs, and the second looks at external issues.

Despite President Trump ‘s desire to focus America on internal issues, no escalations or wars on foreign territory. However, we see the impressive strike of Trump on the foreign policy front. He succeeded in tackling the two rogue states, Iran and North Korea, within less than four years. The recent actions of Trump have certainly dented his opponents’ hopes.

Iran has been put on notice and the Iranian Ayatollah’s terror net checked by the killing of General Sulemani. North Korean rouge regime is also under check, thanks to the craftsmanship of President Trump. The rocketman knows Trump’s the boss.

Another factor that puts immense fear in the hearts of his opponents is the fact that people are with him. The constant fear of another landslide defeat remains the most crucial element that has to hasten Democrats’ desire to Impeach the People’s President.

He has improved the economy. Jobs have been created, and money circulation regulated to contribute towards well being of Americans. At present, the unemployment rates among minorities remain at the lowest considering American standards. The tax reductions have made doing business a profitable adventure, thus creating jobs and ensuring the economy remains on the move. After a 1.5% jump on Wednesday, the S&P 500 is now up about 42% since Trump, a Republican, was elected in November 2016, compared with the benchmark’s 31% gain during the same amount of time after Obama, a Democrat, was elected in 2008.

He is upholding the conservative agenda, from LGBT, Abortion to Religion. The extended last traditions, ethics, and social virtues are finding their way back into society. Democrats and the LGBT community, for this reason, hates Trump. The credit of this lies with President Trump. He managed to put two conservative Judges into the US Supreme Court is an excellent service to the conservative narrative but also to the Amerian nation.

The Republican party is on its way to glory. Trump has indeed been that ingredient for success for the GOP. Its candidates need not exert high effort, only the name of Trump is enough, and an endorsement from the President just seals the deal for any candidate in any election.

The recent Corona (Covid19) is a crystal clear example of how to manage things during the crisis. While Obama was known to lead from behind, Trump knows how to lead and when to lead. Corona pandemic is now well under control, and the voter realizes this.

The recent George Floyd incident had nothing to do with Trump, but the Liberals want to make it all about Trump. I leave you with a question, here only a segment of the society is crying of foul and injustice does this allow the destruction of property?

Did Abraham Lincoln allow the Southern states to divide and destroy America? If not, then how can President Trump allow thugs to lot and plunder America under his watch.

As an American, it troubles me to see such greatness go unapplauded by all segments of society, including the Democrats and Liberals. Trump is not just the President of red states and blue states. He is the President of the United States, and its time the American people united under his American flag and voted for a landslide second term.